Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reminders, links to peek, things to do...

Happy Friday!

Remember, one week from today we will be voting on a winner in our Art of Mothering Photo Contest! Please send in your photos to aplacetobloomATgmailDOTcom by Wednesday, September 29th at Midnight!

A few other fun things for you to peruse:

The Lower Lights. We're super-fans. Nothing like a folksy rendition of a hymn to put your heart in the right place. Have a listen. You will love.

Katy Dill's September Sewing Celebration is all kinds of fun and give-aways; check it out.

If you have a few slow minutes this weekend, be sure to check out Marta's How-to Series (if you haven't discovered it already). We adore the tag-line: "celebrating the stuff we know." Brilliant. We have loved all the cheerful creativity and practical suggestions that have been shared. What is better than learning cool stuff from neat people?

And! Are your kids excited about Halloween? For a fun weekend activity, make a Halloween Bingo Game that you can play together.

Or perhaps some creepy, crawly pumpkin votives?
(ahem) Maybe it's not just the kids who are excited for Halloween around here...

Em & Anne


Melissa said...

I love the links! Marta lived in our ward for while. I just love her blog! Thanks for sharing these great ideas.

Vicky said...

Those pumpkin votives are so cool, and creepy.

Elise said...

I am so glad to have finally met you... even after a sweaty tennis match! You are even more beautiful, gracious, and lovely in person : ) Thank you for watching my sweet girl too. Can't wait to do lunch.

Bean said...

I love this blog! Thanks for sharing your fun and creative ideas.