Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Homemade Bagels

We've had a lot of fun making our own bagels this summer. We think you should try it, too! This post isn't so much to give you a fabulous homemade bagel recipe as it is to encourage you to try making a batch; the process is really fun. If your kids are anything like mine, they'll love helping you knead the squishy dough, shape the bagels, and watching them boil.

We used this recipe (mostly because I wanted this to be a fun project for my kids and this one is quick and simple - and we had all ingredients on hand). They were really quite tasty.

But if it's a delicious bagel you're after (and you don't mind an all-day process) I'd say give this recipe a try.

We've tried a few variations - namely cinnamon swirl and parmesean-topped - both very delicious. You could mix seeds or grains into the dough, top the bagels with cheese or dried onion, throw in some blueberries...lots of fun possibilities to try.

Stock up on cream cheese!
- Em


Julie said...

I've never even thought about making homemade bagels! Nice job! They look great!

Amy said...

I have one suggestion for making your own bagels and I got it from a local bagel shop. DON'T LET YOUR BAGELS PROOF TOO LONG! The more you make them the more you'll learn what is the perfect amount of time for where you live. I love making cinnamon bagels. It's relaxing and it's fun to have fresh homemade bagels on hand for the sweet little old mail man that walks my mail up to my door :)