Monday, June 14, 2010

Busy, Busy

I heart foxglove

Interesting tidbit: Anne and I are related by marriage. We married cousins (who may as well be brothers, given the closeness of their extended family). This is pretty much the funnest thing imaginable because in addition to play dates and social functions, we also see each other at family gatherings. This weekend we had a huge gathering to celebrate a wedding in the family. Anne and I were both housing out of town guests, the list of festivities was long and the crowd of gathered loved ones was large. In short, there just wasn't enough time or energy left at the end of all that for a Bloom post today. We're sorry. But we're not. Because weddings are tremendously happy and celebratory and should be soaked up with gusto. And that's what we were doing this weekend; soaking.

Looking ahead to this coming weekend - what are your Father's Day traditions?
And if anyone has any great Father's Day Gift ideas, we'd love to hear about them!

Em & Anne

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Natalie said...

Em I had forgotten, or really feel like I had no idea, that your husbands were cousins. So fun. ;) We will forgive this one blip in quite an impressive roll of posts! :) Although, we all missed you. Glad the wedding went well.