Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pandora Preferences

Do you love Pandora?

So do we.

When I'm home with my kids, I create an Elizabeth Mitchell station and we have happy tunes all afternoon! When I'm working out, it's Roxette. When I'm cleaning the kitchen by myself in the quiet of the evening, it's Brandi Carlile.

What are your favorite stations?


Bloom said...

My favorite pandora stations:

Glee Cast (cleaning)
Pink Martini (good ALL THE TIME. i am slightly obsessed with this station)
Norah Jones (late at night)
Joshua Radin (late at night)
Nickel Creek (all the time)


Jesslyn said...

Anne - what Genre is Pink Martini under?

Melissa said...

I'm so glad you did this. I have 6 stations on my iPhone that my hub put there. I HAD NO IDEA there were others or what it was about until I was getting my hair done listening to all these great 80's songs. That's how I learned about the WHAM station. I will now go and load up my phone. Thanks girls!!!

Rachel said...

Missy Higgins is my fav. It's a great chill out station. My kids and I seem to all relax into a mellow groove when it's on.

Also love Lisa Loeb station. It's the perfect femine 90's throw-back station.

Melissa said...

Sorry, I guess I should tell you what's already on my list ;)

U2 Radio
Punk/New Wave
Alternative/Indie Rock
Symphonic, Classical Period
Michael Jackson Radio

Abbie said...

Finally! Something I know about.

Bruises by Chairlift has been my favorite station so far. Keane station has been fantastic. And we love Elizabeth Michell too! So good. Ok Go station is great for running/fast cleaning. And Ingrid Michealson station for mommy-chill-out time.

Lovin' all these posts.

Joan said...

Okay, I'm SUCH a bad Mom. I NEVER listen to kids music...very rarely, anyway. The reason is b/c the only kids CDs I have are my own (I cannot stand myself singing cutesy kid's songs) and anything else I've ever heard makes my blood pressure sky rocket!
Elizabeth Mitchell is DARLING and SO palatable. Thank you, Anne.
Oh, one of my very, very favorite stations is: Imogen Heap (she is Frou Frou--did you know that?)
I usually listen to her when I'm writing late at night. Electronica/ish...but so cool/original.

Headle said...

This is such an awesome and helpful post!!! Abbie, I was just going to email you this weekend for music recommendations! PERFECT!

Bloom rocks!

Emily said...

I love Pandora. Some of my favorites for me are:

Indigo Girls
Regina Spektor
Joshua Radin
Cat Stevens
James Taylor
Sufjan Stevens
Ben Folds
Patti Griffin
Citizen Cope

and for the kiddos:

Lisa Loeb
Elizabeth Mitchell
Dan Zanes
Indigo Girls (family)
Sleepy Time

Did I mention that I love Pandora?

Jonesy said...

I have to admit that for the last few years, my radio has been on the silent station. With 5 very LOUD kids, any blessed minute by myself is best served in the quiet, and adding to the noise while they're in the car is just asking too much! I did however, venture to find Pandora today, thanks to your suggestions and I remembered how much I love listening to music! We listened to the Glee station during dinner and the girls just loved it! Ok, so, so did I. May not happen often, but thanks for turning me on to it!

Megan said...

We also listen to which is awesome too, but you actually have to pick the songs. But on pandora, i have a Daughtry station because I love his voice and my husband put on a "Don't Stop Believin'" station which is a lot of fun. I also love my Louis Armstrong station. But apparently I need to find out who this Elizabeth Mitchell person is.

Steph said...

I love you Bloom. So much. I've had my Elizabeth Mitchell pandora station playing almost non-stop since you posted this. In fact, my kids are not even here right now-- they're playing at the neighbor's-- and I'm still listening! I love how sweet, simple, and non-cartoony it is. THANKS!

My personal favorites:
Etta James
The Ditty Bops
Frank Sinatra
Madeleine Peyroux
And some random Latin station I can't remember the artistt for (great cleaning music)

Rae. said...

Can I just say this is my favorite post ever...ok, well probably not really, but so helpful. I am always at a loss for good music to listen to, and I swear I'm so picky and what I listen to always has to match my mood.

I've gone through so many of these suggestions and I'm in heaven, I have an awesome set of stations now to browse through!

Thanks Bloom!


Christina said...

I love the Glee station too.

Likely said...

The Innocence Mission when I am home with my kids.

Cyndi Lauper when I want to dance.