Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Forum: BLOOM 2010

When Emily and I started kicking around the idea of creating this blog, we envisioned a great many things. We wanted it to feel like a community. We wanted to present useful ideas and discuss meaningful topics. We wanted people to come here for inspiration and to find others they could relate to. We envisioned a place that would feel warm and familiar. We wanted it to feel like pulling the latest edition of your favorite magazine out of your bill-infested pile of mail.

So, as we approach 2010, we want to ask you, our dear community:

What do you want from BLOOM in 2010?

What mothering/household management issues are on your mind that you want to discuss?
What kind of tutorials could you use?

(note: We have taken note of the tutorials asked for based on our handmade parade as well as the many wonderful budget discussion topics that were suggested and we are working to bring those things to you!)

In what areas are you hoping to bloom this year, and how can we help?

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Sally said...

I already think you girls are doing a fabulous job, but if you want to know where I could use some help as a mother, here it is.

*Enjoying my kids/everyday more
*How to better manage working from home.
*Anything cooking related as I simply don't do it.

Stefani M. said...

I'm into simple living... things that make my life more meaningful, simpler and easier at the same time. I'm looking to improve myself, my family and my life on those simple terms. (My other favorite home-y blogs are, and if that gives you an idea of what I'm into.)

Rachael said...

I know not everyone who reads this is LDS, but I'd love to see things on how to enrich our lives spiritually. Tips for finding ways to make service a part of your life (especially with young children), creating meaningful family scripture study, etc.

I really love the tutorials! I think we all have a real desire to create beautiful things, whether it's sewing a pillow or baking bread.

I think it would be fun to do a sequence of posts on healthy living (then again, this is something I'm REALLY passionate about). It seems like a lot of people were asking in the giveaway comments about cooking healthy food on a budget. I also think exercise and lifestyle are a big part of this and could provide for some good posts.

What I'd really love to learn is how to find balance (I know, this is asking the impossible). But I'd love to see a Friday Forum on how we all find balance in our lives and our various roles, because I feel like this is something I really struggle with. And I'd also like to see a Friday Forum on inexpensive date night ideas.

Since we're headed towards spring, you could probably also do some posts on planning and planting gardens (vegetable, perennials, annuals, shrubs, etc.)!

Joan said...

The "you might also like" links are rad. SO professional and clever. Nice touch. (yes, I did just use the word, "rad"--thought you could appreciate my 90's lingo).
And after Rachael's comment I think you have enough material to work with :) She said it all.
I would like to echo Sally by saying a series of posts on "enjoying my kids/everyday more" sounds right up my alley. I tend to get so wrapped up in my silly "list" that I forget them in the mess of the day. It makes me sad to even admit that but it is often true.
With that being said, I couldn't be more pleased with what BLOOM has presented these last months. It has been such a treat. Thank you for sharing yourselves so openly with me and everyone at BLOOM and coordinating with others to share their talents/ideas. It is such a perfect way to build a community of readers (by including the readers themselves in the posts).
Love you both :)

Abbie said...

Rig a giveaway so that I win! Kidding. You're doing a great job. I love it! You know I do. said...

I love tutorials for the home and kids. But I think you guys are so good about discussing important family and motherhood issues.

Mama E and the Pattersons said...

How to make the older kid feel special when the new baby comes along.....something I could use some help with soon. Thank you!

Karen said...

How to entertain/interact with 12-18 mos old (and maybe thru 2 years). My daughter doesn't talk yet and it's proven difficult to interact with her. I have no idea what to do with her for mom/daughter play time. So any tips on that would be appreciated! :) I do love this blog ladies do a terrific job.

Rachael said...

and ladies, I should also say that I had to think for a good long while before I posted my comment, because the content you've had so far has been top-notch and it really took me a bit to come up with suggestions. lovely work, both of you. reading Bloom is such a treat!

Natalie said...

First of all, I think BLOOM has been a total treat all around so far. You girls are doing a great job. :)

I love getting ideas for crafts that I can make for my home, and with my kids.

I would also love to open up a conversation about simple day to day organization. Do you do all your laundry on Monday? Or just whenever the clothes in your drawer have run out? :) Do you grocery shop once a week, twice a month, or are you like me, finding yourself going a few times a week for the little things you forgot. :)

I just love hearing what works for other people. Especially when it involves organization/running a household successfully and happily.

I would like to eliminate stress in my life this year by being more on top of cooking/cleaning/laundry/errands. That being said, I know it's never a breeze, but I think there are some systems that can be put in place to make it much easier. p.s. Em, this is NOT a topic I would like to be a guest speaker on! :) In case you hadn't gathered that already.

Valerie said...

Wow, can I just say everyone's comments are exactly what I was thinking too! I love all the new ideas.

I really need help with setting a plan for weekly meals. I know if I could figure out meals that use the same ingredients and then make those for the week, not only would I save money, but I would have my meals planned out so at 5:00 I am not thinking, "What should I make", ok lets just go buy pizza.

Another thing (and I know not everyone who reads this is a LDS) but if you guys have an awesome enrichment night, pass along the ideas please.

One thing that my husband and I do is try to sit down at the beginning of the month (like Sunday) and we decided on our "family" days for the month. We pick a temple day, and then date days for the kids, a date night for us, as well as 2 family activities. Something as simple as going on a hike. But ideas for something like that would be great! And no, we don't always get to it all, but it helps to write it down like an appointment any way.

I think we are all looking for ways to save money right now too, so maybe a post on how to coupon or sites to get coupons.

Any posts on how to capture memories of your life and of your children. Some people scrap, some people blog, some journal, some make separate books for each kid. But new ideas on how to preserve memories.

Ok sorry, I always talk (write?) way too much on these things, and my ideas might be repeats, but this is what I could think of. I love what you guys do and I love your blog.

Keep up the good work :)


LJ said...

I agree--you all are doing a fantastic job and I just love Bloom. You've managed to strike just the right balance, I think, between inspiring us to do our best and keepin' it real. I think you are particularly good at teasing out the specificity in any given topic (for example the budget conversation) and I'd love to see you continue in that vein--specificity, I mean. Like Natalie, I'd also love help with tips on making my household run more smoothly--how to keep it neat and clutter-free with toddlers (impossible perhaps?), helpful bedtime and morning routines, etc. Other topics on my wishlist: posts on healthy cooking/eating--especially creating relatively simple, fresh meals that are delicious and kid-friendly. I always love to learn more about flower and vegetable gardening (specifically growing stuff from seed--always a tricky one for me). I'm also interested in how others find energy to do all there is to be done in our role as mothers. How do we best nurture ourselves so that we are able to be fully present (that includes being awake!) for our families? Well, that's quite the wish list, isn't it? Can't wait to see all of the great things on Bloom in 2010!

jess said...

LOOOOVE you girls at Bloom, and I always feel enriched and uplifted here, so thanks!
On my mind? What in the world to do with little kids all day in the winter! I grew up in CA on the beach and really don't remember playing inside much at all. I was always running around outside - and barefoot at that. I feel like my kids must be bored out of their minds cooped up in our house all day, but I don't even know where to start.
I'm also curious if mom's of little kids have schedules that they follow for play and learning - just so you don't end up spending half the day watching the disney channel. I really want to have fun with my kids, but I'm so lame at coming up with things to do inside (mind you - they are 2 and 9 months). Oh how I'd love to know what others do!
Thanks girls, keep up the good work!

Heather said...

I completely agree with what has already been said! I just love coming here to Bloom, it is so refreshing, uplifting, and inspiring.

I loved your cupcake post! Cupcakes are not frivolous, I'm obsessed! ;)

Anyway, I just love reading any topic from baking bread, making a quilt, cleaning tips, to creative ideas with young children at home, fun holiday ideas, etc. I really want to just make my house an inviting, warm, comforting place to be and learn a lot of great tips along the way!

Rachael really hit the nail on the head for me.

Keep up the awesome work!!

EmmaJ said...

I want helpful ideas about activities to do at home with my toddler. I know there are things to do that don't involve TV, I get stuck on the same ones all the time.

LJ said...

I thought of another idea . . . I'd love to see book reviews especially of cookbooks and parenting books. Okay, that's plenty of ideas to keep you all very busy!

Honey said...

I'm sure these have already been said, but I'd love to see:
* enjoying my children to the fullest
* being a better mom by making less time for the non-essentials (Sister Beck's talk from the RS Broadcast - I swear she was talking right to me!)
*staying motivated and finding energy.
*meal planning
*maybe even a forum every once and awhile where women can share an issue they face in their homes/lives and we can volunteer support/ideas..? Real ideas/solutions to Real issues/problems. I think a bunch of us face the same issues, yet a lot of times we feel like we may be the ONLY one out there dealing with it.

anyways, just some thoughts. Thanks Bloom!