Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cupcake tips

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Leave it to me to follow up three practical, potentially life-altering posts on budgeting with such frivolity as cupcakes.

It's just that one of the reasons I adore blogging so much is that I have so many friends to run to when I want to share something great! Today I have three somethings. And they are all cupcake related. (You aren't on a New Year's diet, are you?)

#1: Bake It Pretty

Bake It Pretty is my new favorite source for baking cups and such. They have every imaginable size and style of cups, plus great toppers, boxes, baker's twine, even edible glitter. They also offer the big fat pastry tips which are a must for frosting little cakes, but are surprisingly difficult to find.

#2: A cupcake-themed birthday party.

My good friend, Alicia, threw a cupcake party for her daughter's 2nd birthday a few months ago, and I've been wanting to share the link with you. I love how all of her ideas are so doable (and budget friendly!).

#3: Martha's Cupcake book

Here's the deal. I own five books dedicated entirely to cupcakes. Ridiculous, I know. Here's what else. There is only one book in that collection that I completely love and trust and that contains cakes I actually have most of the skills and tools necessary to use it. I give you:

If you want to try your hand at fancy-ish cupcakes, or are looking for a good book to give someone, this is a major winner. So far our favorite is the mini oreo cheesecake, in which an entire oreo cookie forms the crust at the bottom of the cupcake liner. Brilliant, Martha! You're brilliant!

Nothing like a little frosting to beat the January doldrums, right? Plus, it really isn't too soon to start planning for Valentine's Day treats. Seriously though.



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Abbie said...

That was a good way to top off the budget series. I think I need to make cupcakes today.

Have you tried these:

You will die. They are the best cupcake I've ever made, ever HAD - so so good!

Anonymous said...

hm… my little elle's birthday is coming up. this has given me some ideas. i just might have to do this!

Jessica said...

Those are some cupcakes. I've never made cupcakes as fancy as these. Maybe I'll give it a try sometime.

Sally said...

I'm throwing a baby shower next week...maybe cupcakes will be the way to go!

Joan said...

Your cupcake obsession makes me happy :)

Melissa said...

This is so timely! I went and placed an order. I just started a cupcake project with my daughters. Can't wait to use the pretty papers!

Alissa said...

fyi, i bought the scalloped white and yellow cupcake liner last year in anticipated of my one year old's first...and while they are as darling as can be off of a cupcake, they are not so cute on a cupcake. the scalloped shape didn't work (maybe I overfilled them?) and they were kind of ugly. but at least they tasted good...'cause that's what matters, right?