Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Handmade Christmas: Etsy Round-Up

Want to give hand-made this year but lack sufficient time to make everything yourself? Here are some of our favorite ETSY suggestions...

From a little birdhouse to silhouette gift tags to custom cupcake toppers, Cozy Rosies is as darling as it is eclectic.

Whether you prefer chunky wood bracelets or glitzy earrings. Whether you go for big and showy or petite and understated. Tribal Jewelry has something unique that you will love.

If you saw Friday's giveaway, then you're probably already crazy about Lovely You's vintage, re-purposed jewels. There's plenty more where that came from.

In your hair, around your neck, pinned to your sweater - Allora has the perfect punch of whimsy and color for everyday and special occasions.

There are few gifts as meaningful as a beautiful journal - a safe place to record your thoughts, the sweet things your children say, the brilliant ideas that come in the wee hours. What better place to keep such important information than in a carefully crafted, hand-bound book? Visit Sarah at Book Bound Bindery and check out her lovely assortment of hand-made lovelies.

Sweet Beets

Even with iCal and all the apps for calendaring that come with every electronic device nowadays, I still like to have a paper calendar in my home. And I think they make a lovely gift. I love every month of Sweet Beet's 2010 Calendar. But that should come as a surprise to no one because I love everything that has ever come off the press at that darling shop.


LJ said...

i find it tricky to navigate the whole etsy scene as there are so many thousands of shops. so thanks for giving me a place to start!

sarah said...

thanks for including my little bindery in your round-up!

your shop suggestions helped solve some of the christmas shopping i've been stumped by. thank you!

Anonymous said...

I've very honored that you've included my printable calendar in your post! Thanks so much. Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas!!