Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thanksgiving Decor

Only about two weeks until Thanksgiving! Here's a bit of inspiration for decorating your home and making your feast beautiful.

For fun home decor all month long--

We think this banner from Cozy Rosies is just darling, and would look great on a mantle or along an inside window frame.

Sometimes really simple, organic things (popcorn kernels, acorns, nuts, whole cranberries) can quickly and inexpensively be turned into a classy accent. We liked this idea from PB and these from BHG:

...if only those lovely silver serving pieces were easier to come by...

For your table on Thanksgiving Day--

We love these Turkey Day table decoration ideas from Real Simple, which were designed with a small budget in mind.

We also love Martha's suggestions for table settings, which are here.

Or take a walk, gather bits of autumn around your neighborhood and make your own centerpiece.

Don't you just love this time of year?
-Em & Anne


Abbie said...

Love the corn kernel candle.

Linds said...

Great ideas! Thanks.

jeanine said...

I love the candle with the corn kernals! How simple!

Joan said...

The pear place card reminds me of Tan and Meliss's wedding. That's what M.A. did for the luncheon. SO classy.
Thanks for the fun ideas.
I've been noticing though (while out and about) that the retail world seems to overlook Thanksgiving entirely! It irks me to no end! All I see is Christmas decor. Although with that being said, I'm a huge hypocrite b/c last year I put up our Christmas decor in November...so don't listen to me. I'm just rambling :)

Peggy of Plush Nest said...

I have a collection of silver compotes that would look lovely filled with nuts-thanks for the idea!