Thursday, September 3, 2009


Today I'm slated to write about organization, but I can't do it quite yet. Not until I let you all know how overwhelmed Anne and I are by the kindness, encouragement and excitement you have shown for Bloom. Big thanks to the ever-talented and gracious Emily Yates for designing the Bloom header and button. Aren't they perfect? We love them. We love Emily. We hope to be sharing more from her very soon!

And to the rest of you -- Thank you for posting about our debut. Thank you for leaving excited comments. Thank you for your willingness to contribute and participate. Thank you for adding our button to your blogs. Thank you for subscribing and following and reading. Thank you for making this feel like a community. We appreciate you so much already.

As I read through your comments from the past couple days, I imagined each of us, reading in our beds, on our sofas, at office desks, kitchen tables. Sharing. Feeling connected. I thought of the possibility of bringing the wisdom of our mothers and sisters and grandmothers -- offering it all to the collective middle -- creating this pool of available goodness to refresh ourselves by.
I like that possibility. I guess that's why we're here, doing this.

thank you (x 1 million)

Em & Anne

* The winner of the children's book giveaway will be announced Friday, so scroll on down and enter if you haven't already. Also scroll down for today's post on Organization.


Traci said...

Ok I am in a quick rush between sleeping babes and husband coming home to a "clean" house but I had to tell you both LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT...LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!!! I will read faithfully! ps button on my blog soon to come ;)

Joan said...

Are those your hands, Em? They're lovely.
I'm glad you feel an abundance of love. You have quite the fan base. Seriously. But blech to all those other readers who claim to like you b/c I like you and Anne the best. It's true. They've got nothin' on me :)