Friday, September 18, 2009

Christian's Baby Shower--the recipes and instructions

Instructions and hints for the decor:
For my paper mobile I used double-sided cardstock so that no matter how the wind blew, they were pretty on both sides. I just traced the bottom of a glass on the cardstock and cut out a bunch of circles, then did the same thing with a smaller juice glass. I punched little holes in the tops of the circles and attached them to the light fixture with fishing line.

When I first hung up my onesies they looked terribly wrinkly. I pulled them all down and ironed them with a bit of startch, and voila! Darling!

For the mini frittatas, I love this Rachael Ray recipe. I like to follow her recipe--with the Canadian bacon and cheese--for one batch, and then do another batch just full of veggies and cheese. Have fun with it. I've tried sauteed onion, green and red pepper, mushroom, zucchini, cheddar, swiss, feta--you name it. It's all delish. One important hint: you really need to greese your mini muffin tins WELL. Also, when serving these, you want to time it so that you are pulling them out of the oven and plating them just as you're serving the meal. You want to eat them while they're hot.

For the fruit, I made a yummy little cream cheese dip, just by softening a package of cream cheese and using a hand mixer to blend it with powdered sugar (to taste). Yum!

For the homemade bread, my recipe of choice is here.
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Party favor instructions:
This is such a fun way to use up old fabric scraps! I got this idea from Martha Stewart, but it appears to be removed from her website. Here's what you do. Cut fabric into 11 in. x 7.5 in. rectangles with pinking shears. Fold fabric in half, with right sides together (that means you'll be sewing the bag inside out) and sew around 3 sides (leaving the 1 side to be the opening of the bag). Turn bag rightside out and fill with goodies. Cut a strip of contrasting fabric with pinking shears and use as a ribbon to tie bag shut. That's it! It's so simple and so fun! I think they are great for party favors, gift bags, you name it.

Be sure to leave a comment if you have any questions! Happy hosting!


Alicia said...

This all looks awesome! I just threw a baby shower for my sister-in-law and loved how it turned out. I baked little cakes in baby food jars for the favors. It took a couple practice runs but they turned out great!

Gail said...

I just love your decorations and the watermelon basket - what a fabulous idea!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the blocks? Did you make them? Jennifer (